Anonymous: Im going to a halloween party and have no idea what to wear! Any ideas??

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Anonymous: Hey! I have a Halloween party coming up and my ex is going to be there so I want to look hot but I don't want to look slutty! Any outfit ideas????

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Anonymous: if your birthday was coming up what would you ask for? xx

Is say money! I’m really into saving right now x

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Casual greys by chloe-francesca featuring scented candlesMonki t shirt, $13 / Rag & bone sweat pants / NIKE black shoes, $8.06 / Moschino black purse / MARC BY MARC JACOBS black watch, $220 / Brian Lichtenberg black hat, $64 / Calvin Klein fragrance / Bella Freud scented candle, $60 / Menu glass bottle
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Anonymous: Hi! My 18th is in summer and i have no idea what to do! or wear? any suggestions, you have fabulous style x

look at dresses on for love and lemons, bec and bridge, shakuhachi or look on sabo skirt - they have pretty outfit numbers at really good prices! x

Anonymous: hi Chloe! I'm curious as to how your boyfriend manages his football career with you? I had a boyfriend who moved overseas for football which led to us breaking up so I'm always curious how other people manage it :) love your instagram & blog xxx

haha well i guess it’s easy seeing as though he plays football in the same city as me!! i see him whenever we have a chance, and we don’t live too far away so that’s also a plus! and aw thank you so much xxx

cherubes: hey Chloe! I looked at your instagram and I've tried to decipher which sunnies you own and I'm guessing they're the Celine Audrey's and mui mui ones? I'm going to hawaii soon and I wanna grab a pair, how would you compare the quality/price point of the two brands? if you could reply privately that would be awesome, thank you so much! xxx

hey, sorry i don’t have celine audrey’s! but i have the miu miu ones and i love them! they’re so trendy and fabulous! i don’t really remember which was more expensive but i got my miu miu’s in paris, and at that time there were massive sales everywhere, so i got them a bit cheaper! but there are heaps of online stores that you can get designer sungalsses from for much cheaper :) xxx


Anonymous: How did you lose so much weight?! Like what did you start eating or what excerise did you do

I didn’t do anything?!? I haven’t exercised in months and I eat whatever I want